Yes, the Japanese Cooking Classes are held!

Hello cooking mates,
I already re-started the cooking classes since last December (2020).
This time (Jan/Feb 2021), we cook summer dishes. One more session will be on Feb-16th (Tue/6pm) which has already been full booked, But I can make a private group session with 5~7 people on your suitable day/night. Just message me!

Photos from the previous sessions:




CCJANFEB-aburaage  CCJANFEB-aburaage-slice


CCJANFEB-ginger-prep  CCJANFEB-ginger rice


CCJANFEB-nasu  P1180557-001.jpg




CCJANFEB-nasu.prep  CCJANFEB-nasu.marinade


FUTURE CLASSES  *******************************
I am planning for the future classes roughly as follows.
Will inform you about the detail when it was decided.

* mid March ~ early April

P1280715.jpg  P1280739.jpg  

P1280747.jpg   Inari-zushi a kind of sushi in Inari-pocket with
   assorted topping. Try to make "Kinshi-tamago"
   Julienne slices of thin omelet as the topping.  
   Great in the lunch box,
   or it should delight people at the potluck party! 
    Dashi lecture!!!  We make miso-soup by
   proper way with the dashi, which is the basic of
   the basics, of Japanese cooking. 
   I introduce the way using the ingredients
   which we can get here in NZ, too.
   I also introduce some kinds with different brand
of miso Japanese miso and NZ miso for letting you taste,
                                       so don't miss it !!!

* late April ~ May
Kuri-gohan  Kuri-kamameshi

Chawan-mushi-autumnal    Kuri-gohan chestnut rice,
   which is the special seasonal rice in the autumn.
   I introduce how to treat the nuts.  

   Chawan-mushi steaming savory custard
   with autumnal ingredients.

* winter --- Special winter sessions! 
Will inform you when it's confirmed the details,

* spring --- Cherry blossom pickles making, cooking and dessert using the pickles.

Those menu are being on considering.
If you have request for the future classes, just let me know.