Kenchin-jiru recipe  ワナカで作る・けんちん汁

Kia ora cooking mates!  I hope you are all well and safe at home.

Japanese cooking in autumn ~ This time of last year, we cooked "Chan-chan-yaki
of salmon" and "Kenchin-jiru" in the cooking classes.  One of the recipe is here,
so review it and cook it again.

日ごとに秋らしくなってきました。 異例の騒動に、世の中はどうなってしまうのだろうと
先日料理教室の参加者から、レシピを失くしてしまったので送ってもらえないかと連絡があり、(魚料理のレシピでしたが)この季節に合うように少し手直しを入れて送ったところ、とても喜んでもらえました。 家にいる時間が膨大に増えて、料理が気分転換になると。 そうだわ、これが今私がやるべきことかも! 


KENCHIN JIRU (Kenchin soup)  けんちん汁

   Hearty simmered soup dish with
   chunk of tofu and vegetables. 
   I introduced an unique food Konnyaku
   in the class, but I omitted it here
   and made the recipe simple.


                       Measurement: 1T = 1 Table spoon (15ml)
                                  1t = 1 tea spoon (5ml                                          1C = 1 cup (250ml)
(for 4 servings)

150g Tofu
100g carrot --- cut & slice 5mm thick
100g daikon --- peel, cut & slice 8mm thick --- can be substituted with swede.
5~6 mushroom (or 3~4 dried Shiitake mushroom: soaked in water)
½ ~ 1 can (10~15 pcs) water chestnuts --- slice the pieces thinly
(*option) 3 pcs of “Inari” or “Tofu puff” --- cut thinly
2 stalks spring onion (thick slice diagonally) or 1/3 leek (cut/slice)

sesame oil & cooking oil (half & half) for stir-fly

stock & seasoning
3C (750ml) stock (or 3C water + 2t “dashi” bonito stock powder)
2T  soy sauce
2T  mirin
¼ t  salt  (adjust by the saltiness of the stock you used)
1T  potato starch (or corn starch) mixed with a small amount of water

Prep of tofu : Drain.
 If you use soft type of tofu: Wrap tofu with paper towel, then put a weight on it
 (let stand for 10min) to remove excess moisture.

1) Cut/slice vegetables (carrot/daikon/mushroom/water-chestnuts)
Put sesame oil & cooking oil in a pan, add vegetables, cook briefly.

2) Add stock (or, water + stock powder). Heat to boil, then simmer for 10-15min.
When the vegetables were cooked soft, add Inari (or Tofu puff)
and spring onion (or leek).

3) Add seasonings (soy sauce/mirin/salt), and adjust the taste with additional amount of the seasoning, if it's needed.
Add potato starch mixture, stir quickly to make the soup a little thicker texture.

4) Scatter the tofu breaking by hand, simmer another 1~2min, then off the heat.

5) Serve hot in individual bowl. Top with chopped spring onion.
Cracked pepper and drops of sesame oil will be nice finishing touch, too!

I-kenchin-tp  I-kenchin-t
I got a packet of tofu from LuLu mart (local Asian mart in Wanaka),
                          and used the half (150g).

I-kenchin-2  There wasn't mushrooms at home,
  so I didn't use it this time.
  As there was a leftover of taro, I used it.

   A can of water chestnuts, (レンコンの代わり)
   which has "saku-saku" crispy texture.
   Slice each pieces and cook with other veges.

I-kenchin-4  I-kenchin-3
I bought "Tofu Puff" at LuLu mart. (They have some stock in fridge or freezer)

Kenchin with chicken  As Kenchin-jiru is Buddihist cuisine
   (vegetable dish) of the temple,
  meat was not used originally.
  But it can be added for preference
  at home. 
  If you would like to add meat, try to use
  chicken thigh (cut into small pieces). 
  Delicious taste flows from chicken,
  which makes the soup taste deepens.

また、このレシピは、限られた日本食材しか手に入らない地元で作るものなので、ごぼうやコンニャクは入っていません。 手に入りやすいもので代用したり馴染みのある食材を使うことで、現地の家庭料理として浸透していくことを願ってつくったレシピです。


現在別のところに住んでいます。 不安の多いご時世に、ここの大きな窓から

Scean 31/03/20
   (Lovely sky view through the window at the temporary house here)

       He rangi ātaahua.   Kia kaha tātou katoa!


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