Salmon Chanchan-yaki recipe  サーモン・ちゃんちゃん焼き

Kia ora cooking mates! 
Do you have Miso at home?  If you have, why don't you try to cook Salmon Chanchan-yaki?  It's a simple cooking but is super delicious combined
with salmon, vegetables, and Miso+Mayo sauce cooked in a foil parcel.
As my ordered salmon has delivered from Twizel today, Yay, I cook it tonight.

秋の料理、今日はサーモンのチャンちゃん焼きをご紹介します。 ご家庭にお味噌が
あれば是非作ってみてください。 ホカホカのごはんが欲しくなる味です。 一人分ずつ
ホイルに包んでオーブンで焼き上げます。 用意するのは、サーモンの切り身と野菜。
もの3種ほどでOKです。 調味料は味噌とマヨネーズ。 我が家のレシピは、みりん少々
でのばします。 粉末ダシは微量ですが、これはお好みで入れても入れなくても。 

ちょうどTwizel のハイ・カントリー・サーモン社に注文したサーモンが届いたので、

S.090420 S.090420-1
Salmon from the Salmon farm High Country Salmon in Twizel.
It was beautiful fillet!!
I usually use salmon from supermarket, but it's good to try other salmon sometimes.

P.Vs  Preparation of vegetables

  P.V.Cb P.V.C P.V.O

S.C.Miso  Making sauce

Miso               Mayonnaise 
S.C.Mirin S.C.Mix

Assemble on the foil sheet
S.T. S.T.V.
Plenty vegetables cover the salmon fillet with miso sauce
Salmon Chanchan-yaki    ~ style of steam-cooking in foil parcel ~

S.Ch.20/04/19  Originally this used to be a dish cooked by
  local fishermen in Hokkaido (North Island
  in Japan). They cooked a whole (or half) of
  salmon and vegetables dynamically on a large
  “Teppan” hot plate on their boat. It spread out
  nationwide and became the popular home-
  cooked meal. I introduce it with foil parcel style
  which is cooked in oven. Other fish can be
  used as the substitute, which is delicious too.

  The following recipe is for one percel
  (= 1 serve), so multiply the amount
  according to the number of people,
  and make the number of parcels.

(for 1 parcel / 1 serve)             Measurement 1T = 1 Table spoon (15ml)
                                        1t = 1 tea spoon (5ml)
100~120g salmon (fillet or steak)
  80g    cabbage or Chinese cabbage          MISO SAUCE
  40g    carrot                           1T   miso
  40g    courgette or green beans               2T   mayonnaise
  2~3pcs  mushroom                        1t  mirin
  50g    onion                      (*option) ¼ t  dashi stock powder

1)  Pinches of salt over both sides of salmon. (leave for 15 min or more.)

2)  Combine all seasoning and mix well to make smooth miso sauce.

3)  Prep of vegetables:
   To be easy to make layers, slice veges thinly with large surface.               
   cabbage / or Chinese cabbage --- Cut into small pieces.
                    Hard parts must be sliced thinly.
   carrot --- slice thinly (1~2mm) diagonally
   courgette --- slice thinly (5mm) diagonally
   mushroom --- slice
   onion --- slice thinly (5mm)

4)  Prepare a foil sheet (30x45cm). On a half side, spread cabbage pieces
   as a bed. Place salmon on it, spread some-little Miso sauce on, lay vegetables
   and remaining sauce alternately on top.
   Cover with the other side of the foil, fold the edge to seal them well while letting
   extra air out.  ( be careful not to make a hole on the parcel!).

5)  Cook in the pre-heated oven (Bake: 180C or Fan Bake: 170C) for 15min.
   Then turn off and leave it in the oven for another 10 min, or longer until
                                        ready to serve.

< To SERVE > 
** If you use a pair of chopsticks to eat this dish, serve it as the wrapped foil
  on a plate. It’s good to keep the dish warm, also you can enjoy the beautiful
  scent when you open the foil at the table. (Break the centre of the foil to open!)

** If you use knife & fork, it may be better to serve without foil wrapping. Because
  it might make the dish tasteless when the cutleries attach to the foil to cut food.

6)  Enjoy with fluffy rice beside. I love to add a little amount of the rice into
   the remaining juice in the parcel to eat up the juice, too. It's super delicious
   extract from salmon and veges, so don't throw away!

一般的にはお箸でいただくので、ぷっくりと膨らんだホイルごとお皿にのせてテーブルへ。 冷めにくいし、ホイルの中央をつまんで破ったときにフワ~っと良い香りを楽しんでいただけるのは、食べる方へのギフトですね! ナイフ&フォークが必要な方には、
もしかしたらホイルから出してお皿に盛付けたほうがいいかもしれません。 金属の
温かいごはんを添えてどうぞ。 途中ホイルの中に汁が見えてきたら、ごはんを少し
その中に落としてみるのもいいかも。 サーモンと野菜から出た美味しい出汁も、


I enjoyed a part of the salmon fillet as Sashimi as well which was wonderful taste.
Also I got packs of fresh fins and smoked cheeks, too, so will enjoy those during
this Easter weekend.

堪能しました! フィレ以外に、フィンと、チークの部分のスモークしたものも一緒に

               ~ Happy Easter ~

          Kia pai a tēnei wikine o Te Aranga!

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