Furo-fuki Daikon recipe 風呂吹き大根

Furofuki-D yuzu  Kia ora cooking mates!
  How are you doing in these cold days?
  Japanese radish Daikon is becoming
  delicious now. Have you seen large
  daikon in the market?  It’s time to cook
  Furo-fuki Daikon which is
  representative Japanese winter cooking.
  Let the daikon enjoy a long bath (furo) !
  There are kinds of miso sauce for it.
  I introduce delicious “Tama-miso
  (egg yolk miso sauce) this time.

  6月、寒さが続いてます。 冬に美味しくなる

I cook whole daikon at a time, because it will be simmered for long and the cooked ones can be stored in the fridge, so I enjoy the lefts on another day too. The Tama-miso (the paste) is also able to be stored in the fridge.

調理してしまいます。 多めに作って、後日食べる分は煮汁ごと冷蔵保存、温め直して
大根を煮込んでいる間に、味噌ダレ作り。 今回は卵黄一個分を加えて、玉味噌を。 
いつもの味噌がまったりと美味しくなります。 しっかり火を通した玉味噌も冷蔵保存可能なので、忙しい日に、作りおきしてある大根と共に温め直しで一品できて助かります。 

Furofuki.D V&P柔らかく調理した大根に味噌ダレをかけるだけ
ますよ。 大根を煮ている鍋の上にスティーマー
をセットして同時調理。 スティーマーで蒸して


In the addition to the simple one, I added steamed pumpkin, Brussel sprout, prawn, gingko-nuts on the daikon, as in the photo.
Here is the recipe as follows:

                            Measurement: 1T = 1 Table spoon (15ml)
(6~8 servings as a side dish)                     1t = 1 tea spoon (5ml)

800g~1kg daikon (half~whole)
 2T  sake (or cooking sake)
(*option) 5g dried kombu kelp if you have

Tama-miso (egg yolk miso sauce)
100g miso
 20g sugar
 2T  sake (or cooking sake)
  1  egg yolk  (余った卵白は冷凍可能、パブロバ作りに利用できます!)

1) Peel the skin off of daikon, cut in thickness of 2~3cm.
  Make cross cut at the center (to be cooked well).

  daikon peel&cut daikon cross-cut daikon   Tournage daikon 

  Tournage (round off the corners) is recommended. 
  This is one of the process in Japanese cooking.

2) Put the daikon in the pan with water which cover the all of daikon.
  Add sake (*and dried kombu), then heat up.  When it boiled, reduce the heat,
  simmer with cover for 40~45min until daikon became soft ( enough it can be
  cut by chopsticks at the eating.)

  Pan/steamer Daikon/pan Veges/steamer
  If you use veges for the decoration, put the steamer on top of the pan of
  daikon cooking, and steam there.  Check often the veges and take out
  when it's cooked, while daikon is simmered underneath.

3) Tama-miso sauce:  While the daikon is on the cooking, make the sauce.
  Mix all ingredients in a small pan, heat up, stir well with spatula during the cook.  
  When you feel the texture changed a little heavier (it means egg yolk was cooked),
  off the heat.  Thin the paste with a little of broth from the pan of daikon-cooking,
  to make it smooth sauce texture.
  Tamamiso-paste  Tamamiso-sauce
  The paste or sauce will be good as a dip for vegetables, store it in the fridge
  if it's left, and enjoy it again another time!

4) Place the daikon on individual plate or bowl, pour the sauce over.

  **As an option, some toppings would be nice if you have.
  Just squeeze a hole in the middle of Daikon, then sauce,
  Daikon-hole Daikon-hole2 Daikon-sauce

  and toppings get put on there to sit well.
  Daikon-topping Daikon-decorate1 Daikon-decorate2
  I added Mizuna leaves and pumpkin seeds around.

  Serve hot. Enjoy the soft texture of daikon with delicious sauce!

   Kia pai te kai daikon i te hōtoke!

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